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EP Review: DJ Quik & Problem- “Rosecrans”

-This collaborative EP is a sunny and warm tribute to the West Coast.

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Album Review: Ariana Grande- “Dangerous Woman”

-“Dangerous Woman” is a sanitized, middling, and thoroughly colorless image of danger.

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Mixtape Review: Chance the Rapper- “Coloring Book”

-Chance the Rapper disappoints with a shoddy and messy effort.

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Album Revisit: Bob Dylan’s “Blonde on Blonde” at 50

-A look back at Dylan’s seminal 1966 effort.

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Album Review: Radiohead- “A Moon Shaped Pool”

-Radiohead return with a slight and tepid snoozefest.

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Album Review: Death Grips- “Bottomless Pit”

-Death Grips release another exhilarating, blood pumpingĀ record.

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Album Review: Drake- “VIEWS”

-The most popularĀ rapper on the planet releases a glorious mess.

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Album Review: Charles Bradley- “Changes”

-Charles Bradley’s weathered sound makes hardships all his own on this introspective vocal feature.

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Album Review: qualchan.- smoke break.

-A strangely addictive Chopped and Screwed tape that takes the simplest approach to remixing. Continue reading “Album Review: qualchan.- smoke break.”

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