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Film Review: “Kong: Skull Island”

-The newest Kong installment is big, dumb, and surprisingly disappointing.

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Indie Double Feature: “Table 19” and “A United Kingdom”

Table 19 is a mess of cliches, while A United Kingdom manages to highlight two great actors.

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Film Review: “Before I Fall”

-Emotionally manipulative and immeasurably melodramatic, Before I Fall stands out from the teen drama pack with a powerful story and surprisingly effective performances.

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Film Review: “Logan”

-The ‘X-Men’ franchise as we know it may end, but it’s arguably never been better.

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Film Review: “Get Out”

-Comedy icon Jordan Peele tries his luck at horror and comes up with some pretty nice results.

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Who Will Win at the Academy Awards?

-A list of predictions for the Academy Awards this Sunday night (from selected categories).

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