-This collaborative EP is a sunny and warm tribute to the West Coast.

If you want a good distillation of classic West Coast Hip-Hop, just listen to DJ Quik. Everything that comes to mind when you think of that region appears in his music: it’s funky, summery, party-friendly, and lewd, perfect for driving around in the sunshine with your windows rolled down. (In a 64 Impala of course.) This brief EP, featuring fellow West Coast MC Problem, and a slew of other Californians like The Game, is no different.

It starts off with an exemplary tribute to the titular street that runs through Compton, the hometown of Quik, Problem, and the featured Game, who spits a great verse namedropping Dre, Los Angeles, talking about hotboxing his truck, etc. It’s a verse that shows perfect restraint and ends up being a really descriptive, visual picture of just, a good day. It also helps that Candace Boyd sings a really sweet, chill hook over a vintage, sunny, g-funk beat, complete with that whining synth and all.

The next track ups the funk further, riding out a classic groove for nearly 10 minutes, and never getting stale, especially when you add on a really catchy hook and some nice flows from Quik and Problem. They’re not saying anything much of consequence here (although Quik’s throwback line about his equipment getting stolen was cool), but Quik has always sounded great on his production and Problem fits in nicely.

The rest of the EP never really reaches the heights of these two tracks, but none of it is really unenjoyable, boring hook on “This Is Your Moment,” and lame Drake persiflage on the last track aside. This is just a pleasant, sun bleached tribute to the West Coast from someone who is one of the architects of what that region is all about in Hip-Hop.


3.5 stars

Standout Tracks: “Rosecrans” “A New Nite / Rosecrans Grove”