-Weezer returns to their 90s glory on the catchy and fun “White Album.”

I’ll spare you the overdone recap of Weezer’s inconsistent discography and cut right to the chase: “The White Album” is really, really good.

Weezer have always been their best when they’re writing punchy, catchy pop rock songs, and that’s literally all this album sets out to do. It’s a 34 minute long, ten song, summery pop album, with tried and true chord progressions and predictable song structures, but with great production and amazing hooks.

The opener, “California Kids,” sets the mood perfectly, telling a story of packing into a car with your friends and driving to the beach. It doesn’t get much more feel good than that, and with incredibly melodic verses and a sing along chorus, this song is just good vibes all around. And while some of the following songs are less lyrically friendly, like the kind of strange “Thank God For Girls” and the addiction themed “Do You Wanna Get High,” they’re so catchy and immediately memorable that they can’t help but add to the summery narrative.

I’m really at a loss as to what else to write about this, honestly. It’s just instantly sticky pop music that despite being wholly unoriginal and pretty predictable, doesn’t feel cheap. And this is mainly due to the production that still rocks, with occasionally overpowering guitars and forceful drums, and the signature Weezer attitude. There’s still an element of quirk here, coming from the cannoli and creation of Eve references in the rap-like verses of “Thank God for Girls,” the extremely direct drug references in “Do You Wanna Get High?,” and how the esoteric title of “Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori” is turned into a ridiculously catchy hook.

Overall, there’s only one of these ten songs that’s not really catchy, and that’s “King of the World,” but every other track is melodic, and immediately catchy and memorable. Every song will get stuck in your head, but what’s best, is that you’ll want them stuck in your head. Throw this album on in your car, and sing along.

4.5 stars

Standout Tracks: “California Kids” “Thank God for Girls” “Do You Wanna Get High?” “L.A. Girlz” “Jacked Up” “Endless Bummer”