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Rental Revisits

Rental Revisit: “3 Generations” and “Berlin Syndrome”

-A dishonest but well-acted look at an nontraditional family, and a suspense thriller that feels more real than you’d like.

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Rental Revisit: “The Sense of an Ending” and “Aftermath”

-An occasionally beautiful story about time and the newest dramatic turn from Arnold.

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Rental Revisit: “The Bye Bye Man” and “The Blackcoat’s Daughter”

-An occasionally effective, but mostly stale, mainstream horror flick, and the newest horror/thriller in an ever-growing catalog from A24.

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Rental Revisit: “Dirty Grandpa” and “Jane Got a Gun”

-An occasionally amusing and crass (but immature) comedy, and the most boring western of recent memory.

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Rental Revisit: “The Forest” and “The 5th Wave”

-An uninspiring horror film that gets a few scares at the end, and another monotonous look at teen dystopian fiction and triangular love plots.
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