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teresa palmer

Rental Revisit: “3 Generations” and “Berlin Syndrome”

-A dishonest but well-acted look at an nontraditional family, and a suspense thriller that feels more real than you’d like.

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Film Review: “Hacksaw Ridge”

-Mel Gibson’s return to directing is a glorious exercise in tense war action and an immensely likable lead hero.

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Film Review: “Lights Out”

-A mildly spooky little horror flick.

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Rental Revisit: “Regression” and “The Choice”

-A vastly underrated horror/thriller that deserves more than to be buried at the bottom of Netflix, and the newest Nicholas Sparks soap opera disguised as a feature film.

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Indie Double Feature: “Knight of Cups” and “Get a Job”

-An unfinished comedy about economic struggles and a pretentious new crisis drama from Terrence Malick.

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