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Indie Double Feature: “My Cousin Rachel” and “Paris Can Wait”

-A darkly enriching thriller starring the always-reliable Rachel Weisz, and a frustrating debut from Eleanor Coppola.

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Indie Double Feature: “The Lovers” and “War Machine”

-An interesting take on aging romance and Brad Pitt’s newest war satire.

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Guilty Pleasure Double Feature: “Baywatch” and “Everything, Everything”

-The dumbest and most poorly edited comedy in recent memory meets the ultimate dopey teen movie.

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Late Review Double Feature: “Beauty and the Beast” and “Power Rangers”

-Disney’s newest live-action installment may be their best yet, and Power Rangers blends decent teen drama with a disappointing backdrop.

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Indie Double Feature: “Table 19” and “A United Kingdom”

Table 19 is a mess of cliches, while A United Kingdom manages to highlight two great actors.

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Film Review: “Fifty Shades Darker”

-So. Much. Unintentional. Comedy.

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